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Reply Recently there was a burglary at one of your Publix stores in Marietta Georgia.

That’s right, 00.00 went missing after a routine money transfer.

I submitted the question via the contact page on the Publix website a week ago, and still have no answer (stated response time is 24 – 48 business hours). Growing your own food and supporting local farmer’s markets seem the best way to survive New World Order grocery shopping.

Information on What’s Wrong with Food Irradiation can be found online for anyone interested. Reply I find it very degrading to be asked (hawked) for money at the register for this and that charity that our Local Publix has demanded their cashiers ask the customer to give.

Our premium brand dealerships treats our customers like royalty by making sure they feel special because they are.

Ironically I’m emailing you because of what appears to be your greed.

Unfortunately, I ended up leaving because I got tired of going to what seemed to be a High School and being bullied by everyone, having to defend myself every day.

I really don’t want to have to go somewhere else to get this but I may have to now . I know I will not be the only person to tell you this. It’s my understanding you’re rated #1 in customer experience.

As a strong military family with over 50 years of combined service we are demanding accountability!

We can say without any doubt that Karen is the most honest, caring, sincere, and dedicated associate. Why was Karen held to such ridicule while the real thief walks away?

We purchase our team a personal cake for their anniversaries and birthdays.

Also we purchase every customer a congratulations cake every time someone purchases a car so they can celebrate.

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Karen, the store manager, was fired after a short investigation.

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