Stages grief dating

After you’ve spent heaps of energy raging against a reality you are having a hard time accepting, you will eventually drain yourself and perhaps lose interest in pretty much everything.

Now you have healed from the wound of the loss and are ready to move on.

I also had the fear of losing my home and a host of other financial problems.

I made it through all the mess – and you will, too! Don’t let these emotions make you do something stupid or cloud your judgment too much.

There was a poster in the academy that read, “Pain is weakness leaving your body!

” I thought of that poster many times when I thought I was going to die after running until I felt like I was going to pass out. My biggest fears were if my kids would be OK during and after all this mess.

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A breakup can do that to you –instead of feeling instantly free and liberated, you may feel like you will never ever get another shot at love, that you will never ever be happy again, that all men will hurt you, that no man will ever love you completely, or that you’re destined to be single forever… invades your psyche, eventually you will reach the calm waters of acceptance. There is new love to be experienced and there is happiness.

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