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But ask her the same question and she laughs – “ She listens to their stories, clicks their photographs, and finally shares her work on the Humans of Bombay page. At that time, I had been following Ho NY closely, so I knew that something like this existed.These are stories of success and failure, hope and inspiration, dreams and heartbreaks – each one unique and memorable. But I also knew that something like this had not been done correctly in a city like Bombay, which has so many different worlds in it.Their play, “Lal Batti Express” (Red-Light Express), includes dancing, singing and storytelling.The 15 actors, aged between 15 and 23, are appearing as part of the Fringe’s Just Festival, which focuses on social justice issues.They allege that on one occasion he had sex with her in his office at Toronto General Hospital.Ernest Chiu, 32, of Toronto, is charged with sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, obtaining sexual services from a person under 18 and sexual assault.She doesn’t just share pictures – she shares the many stories of success, failure, hopes, dreams, desires and so much more behind the faces that make it to her well-known and loved Facebook page.

Investigators allege that after the encounters he would prescribe birth control and inject the girl with the medication.

All the actors have been helped by an , Kranti, which works to turn sex workers’ daughters into agents of social change.

They call themselves “Krantikaris,” or revolutionaries. Written by the performers themselves, the play follows the lives of sex workers’ daughters, moving from their birth to growing up in a brothel to joining Kranti.

In Lal Batti Express, women and girls from India’s red-light districts share their experiences of trauma and healing.

Now they’re taking their stories to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time.

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Nair wants to create her own facility where sex workers’ children can learn to express themselves through theater.

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