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There are 8 levels of support, with rewards at every level. I’m so excited to bring my supporters exclusive content via Patreon.Their legs are short, but they have long, muscular arms to help them climb.They use their hands and feet to climb, grasping and swaying their way between trees.A television reporter who lost her job after berating a cop outside a Philadelphia comedy club says she’s now receiving thousands of threatening phone calls and messages — including some that were “deeply disturbing sexual and violent.” Colleen Campbell, 28, said she’s “ashamed and embarrassed” by the viral video showing her expletive-filled tirade outside Helium last Sunday. “My recollection of my time at Helium and the incident are hazy,” Campbell said in a statement.She lost her job at PHL 17 after they got wind of the clip — which had been viewed on Facebook more than 3 million times by Wednesday morning — but now she says she’s the one being targeted. Campbell has been the recipient of thousands of lewd and threatening phone calls, texts, messages, and emails ranging from angry, profane, and defamatory insults to deeply disturbing sexual and violent threats,” read a statement to The Post from a Campbell family spokesman, attorney Wayne Pollock. Campbell and her family are still sorting out the events of that night. “I know my limits when it comes to drinking and I know to stay out of the limelight.Campbell initially claimed to have had only one drink prior to the incident, but later admitted to having a total of five — including two shots an hour before the show and some while bartending earlier in the evening.In addition to losing her job at PHL 17, Campbell lost that job at Devil’s Den in South Philadelphia, according to Philadelphia Magazine.

Campbell.” Campbell is now trying to reach the Philadelphia Police Department officer in the video to offer a personal apology, Pollock said. I believe I may have been unknowingly drugged at some point that night.” Campbell said she didn’t receive medical testing while in custody because she was advised that would delay the process and her release.Police told Philadelphia Magazine that Campbell repeatedly kicked the unidentified cop and kicked the doors and windows of a police cruiser after she was put inside.Campbell is also facing charges of simple assault, making terroristic threats, hindering apprehension and failure to disperse, two of which are third-degree felonies, Philadelphia Magazine reports.Male orangutans hold large territories that may overlap the territories of several females.Flanged males use their throat sacs to make long calls, a distinctive vocalization that can carry for almost a mile, which announce territory and attract females.

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