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I have been to all 7 continents, crossed both Arctic and Antarctic Circle, live in 5 countries and had just hit 121 countries on my Travel List.

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He denied Pamela her most basic rights--refusing to change the venue to a less hostile community, delay the trial until passions cooled, restrain the media who were out of control, or sequester the jury.

"As I watch the footage now, it's like I'm not watching myself," she wrote in the letter.

Saying she had been in a "state of shock" since the incident, she explained that when "hundreds of migrants broke through the police cordon, one of them ran into me, and I panicked." Laszlo, who has children of her own, says that "something snapped" in her head and she thought she was going to be attacked and struck out in self-defense.

"I'm just an unemployed mother of small children, who made a bad decision," she wrote.

The trial was presided over by a judge who hoped that Clint Eastwood would play him in the movie.

Wanting to hold onto this highly publicized case which was the highlight of his career, the judge permitted live cameras in the courtroom to televise the proceedings gavel-to-gavel.

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A blaze in early February tore through the warehouses where Portela and two other samba groups were preparing for Carnival, destroying more than 3,000 feather and glitter costumes and many meticulously decorated floats.

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