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cctrl=public,max-age=518400&quality=90&imagesource=IMLFOH&mark=1&watermark=0&width=422&height=315&filename=0036/1018036/1018036O1441460831.jpg" data-r-id="10" data-price-id="5" data-price="3.8" data-is-hh="False" data-is-online="true" data-bio-page="/live-sex-chat/cam-girls/blondmelanye" data-is-auto-play="false" data-is-room-full="False" //i0.wlmediahub.com/imagesrv/imp_getimage?cctrl=public,max-age=518400&quality=90&imagesource=IMLFOH&mark=1&watermark=0&width=422&height=315&filename=0146/841146/841146O1477063680.jpg" data-r-id="10" data-price-id="3" data-price="1.48" data-is-hh="True" data-is-online="true" data-bio-page="/live-sex-chat/cam-girls/xxxwantedsugar" data-is-auto-play="false" data-is-room-full="False" //i0.wlmediahub.com/imagesrv/imp_getimage?Yung III was the assist man Remy D was the sixth man At Fight Klub I treated him like a kick stand And eight words made Aye Verb go and hire a Hitman Them bars put you on nigga Niggas wasn't searching for no Aye Verb St.Louis knew you was a gay bird off First 48 with your face blurred Same nigga who run errands for Kijuan to get his tape heard Same nigga that tried to expose my nigga Hitman Holla to be a straight nerd But you said, and I quote "When battle rappers tell on each other, One phrase sets in mind...On the cop and his canine His partner walk by I stay calm I flash the tea and the skittles and said "I'm doing this for Trayvon" Than leave his face gone Big cam, black hoody then steal for Trayvon Four shooters, guns in both hands, octo-pop, eight arms Say it with your chest, I'm a squeeze it til your waist gone This hole from that Shotty and Verb body Gon look like he swallowed a Molly full of Napalm You gon' die behind these bars, you John Gotti, get your face torn Once I pop, I can't stop, I go Pringles when the eighth drawn With this Eagle, I'll beat you and your bab' mom You gon wish you I could huddle up and disappear While singing a jingle off of State Farm But you ain't good in All States nigga, you ain't good in all states nigga You ain't get the message?You crash battling Rex I guess your pen wasn't Progressive Losing is cool, but the 10k was the Objective You did all that rapping about testing a nigga gangsta So why the fuck didn't you test it? I'm the "Let the Tec spray nigga" Til it jams and is no longer active and stop banging like gang members Verb I'm here to snatch every bit of confidence from your conscience Since you trying to convince the world yo accomplishments I'm your consequence We in a four door Caddy, four shooters all sit behind the tints Latex cover my fingers, they wouldn't find the prints That's a real rubber grip, my gun handle, it got a condom stench My magnum smell like a Mag so when I'm busting pussy, you not (?Sick at home, pass a round, I run through every body, I'm like the flu Let's get it on, I make it rain on 'em, no slight shower, what I play bang on 'em First scene of Dark Knight, they expecting a body on your flight coward You soft, white powder, I'll get your Klan covered in sheets, white power I'll hire a nigga just to fire, Mike Brown 'em You a street nigga in Jersey? Head for 'quo average rapping hoe, this is a certain win This shirts verse skins, I'm shirt, you skin Nigga you ain't putting Jersey on Hell you can't even practice in my practice clothes No, y'all know that Magic show?

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Smack, let a nigga offer me 10 now I'm talking this round I got a bomb under my shirt, I'm tellin' everybody to get down! ) Old school, he can't come off his porch, you trapped behind a fence Put a scope on your rifle, become a sniper use common sense Why?

That clock start to tick down Only may for y'all to live now is if he beat me And that'll happen the same day we see a fish drown My magnum barrel spin round, hollow tips, six rounds I violate him in 5 seconds like he the nigga that's trying to inbound It take a stand up nigga to tell another stand up nigga to sit down Let me see that bottle, you Drake after that cake And right now I'm feeling like Chris Brown I'm still trying to figure out how to market you captain marketable You 32, you battle rapping your record isn't remarkable I'm Arsenal, I could teach you to be a winner, I'll Coach Carter you Let a shotgun rearrange your eye, formation without an audible Chase gon promote you Verb, I'm gon provoke you Verb I got a cancerous Desert Eagle, meaning damn that's one smoking bird You must be smoking herb I'm ready to poke a nerve I'm on probation, he phone home to my PO like "You know the Loc from Jars Arsenal Da Rebel, yeah, he's in St. Cause you don't wanna match these mittens I love pussy, one clap, clap these kittens Y'all 100 deep?

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) Cause ain't none of y'all been in Jersey yet What's this the practice squad?

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