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Our commitment to provide the total quality travel experience to our riding public will never wane regardless of whether or not a passenger may have special needs and/or a disability.

We will provide our passengers who need special assistance, most especially, passengers with disabilities and unaccompanied minors, with utmost care and attention, in compliance with PAL’s policies and procedures, including applicable government rules and regulations. Passengers with Disabilities (PWD) We will ensure that our services, facilities and equipment are in compliance with 14 CFR Part 382 – Air Carrier Access Act, as well as existing Philippine laws on Passengers with Disabilities (PWD).

Our staff will be glad to assist you as well as help you in creating your flight itineraries.

We always endeavor to bring you to your final destination as scheduled.

US domestic flights – Delayed flights from one US city to another with US carriers are not usually eligible for compensation.

International flights – Flights from one country to another, even within the EU, may be eligible for expenses or damages resulting from the delay.

Refund applications may be submitted to any agent or representative at PAL Ticket Offices or if purchased online, at by sending an email to [email protected], using the same email address in purchasing the ticket.

As for compensation, PAL will abide with applicable international agreements in determining the appropriate compensation offer.

We will ensure that, subject to ticket restrictions, refunds are processed once PAL receives a complete set of required documents.

The bank/credit card company shall be responsible for crediting the net refund amount, subject to bank/company policies.

Refunds may not necessarily be reflected immediately on the billing statement.

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May we explain, though, that, there are requests that should be made in advance as these services would require preparations for your safe and comfortable travel. However, we have certain rules and regulations that govern their acceptance on the flight.

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