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An invoice can be created by hand, or typed on a computer, although there are several different programs designed specifically to create invoices, making the job very easy, especially if you have to create several businesses as part of your business.

Invoice Number Make sure to number each invoice in the order they are issued. It will also give you milestones to celebrate like your 100 invoice.Besides having a defined and consistent style, there are also certain fundamentals that every modern invoice should include.Double check your own invoices against this list to make sure that your clients are able to find all the answers they need on your invoices.Breakdown of All Charges Your clients will expect to see line items for each unique charge, so they can match up each product or service with its corresponding price, especially if there are charges on the invoice for both products and services.Bold Invoice Total Once each charge is broken down and the taxes are added in, there should be a bolder or larger invoice total that stands out compared to the rest of the figures.

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