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Sep 08 1980 Carroll O'Connor's Beverly Hills pub, female truckers 7.Sep 09 1980 Pittsburgh's Tough Guy Contest, home lingerie parties 8.Sep 12 1980 International Frog Jumping Contest in Calaveras County CA, the town of Slippery Rock PA. Sep 15 1980 The Pritkin diet center in Santa Monica CA, a hot air ballooning competition 12. Sep 17 1980 Roller-skating group in Houston, the dispute over the Sugar Hill (NH) post office 14.Sep 16 1980 Figure skaters Tai Babalonia and Randy Gardner, U. Sep 18 1980 Deaf students performing a musical, The Charlie Daniels Band 15.

Sep 29 1980 The Shroud of Turin, a Florida water-skiing family 22.Oct 06 1980 Making of the film "Smokey and the Bandit II", pinball wizard Rob Mansace 27.Oct 07 1980 A paddle-boat cruise down the Illinois River, The 1980 World Hang-Gliding Championship in Cypress Gardens FL 28.Oct 27 1980 Mean Joe Greene's cola commercial, a cooking school in Italy 42.Oct 28 1980 Coffin building parties, a Texas "bachelor book" for women 43.

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Sep 10 1980 "The Hollywood Squares", a horse midwife 9.

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