Adirondack model 232 bat dating

Grassland bird manage fields also supported the highest abundance of habitat-sensitive butterflies, which cannot tolerate high levels of disturbance.

Miller, Lauren, 2007Abstract: In Massachusetts agricultural land offers valuable habitat to many grassland species, a guild that has declined within the last 100 years, mostly as a result of land-use change.

Multiple mown fields supported a generalist butterfly community dominated by orange sulfur, mainly due abundance of alfalfa with a frequent mowing Mills, David H., 1995Abstract: The Blodgett Brook watershed was examined to determine potential sources of water quality problems and their effect on Lake Sunapee.

Given that this watershed represents less than 1.0% of the total Lake Sunapee Watershed area but 8.0% of the total stream volume input, its effect on the Lake Sunapee is disproportionate to its size.

Upgrading this treatment plant or replacing it by connecting Blodgetts Landing to the treatment plant in Sunapee is recommended.

Macroinvertebrate collections from two sites at the lower reaches of Blodgett Brook indicate that this stream has a slight to moderate degree of organic pollution.

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Mickolyzck, Susan, 1995Abstract: The gathering of ecological data for the purpose of establishing baseline inventories is facilitated by the use of remote sensing, geographic information systems, and global positioning systems (GPS).

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